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Bar Services

ShakeUp ATL

All-Inclusive Bar Service
Ebony Raye

Bar service is customized to our client’s individual needs. 

Pricing is available upon request. 


In House Bartender and Alcohol Service

The Venue provides BOYB and all-inclusive bar service. No outside alcohol shall be served on The Venue’s premises unless it is served by our licensed and insured bartender service.  This policy excludes the bridal suite and groom’s room.  The last call for alcohol is 30 minutes before your event end time. No alcohol shall be served to minors.  Bartender service, Beer, Wine,  and Distilled Spirits are NOT included in the venue’s all-inclusive rental price. 

Southernly Sister Package Pricing BYOB Event Bartending
There is a $1,000 Venue BYOB Fee


Client must always provide all the alcohol.  Client must provide the coolers for icing down all beer and white wine.  A person must be assigned to have all alcohol iced down two hours prior to the beginning of service time.  Extra alcohol can either be replenished in the coolers as you go throughout the night or stored in the refrigeration system at the venue. We will provide two coolers for clean ice for specialty cocktails.

For the following pricing, the client must provide all Cups, Napkins, Mixers:
2 Bartenders

3 Beers and 2 Wines
5 Hour (service)

100 - $825

125 - $825
150 - $1125
175 - $1125
200 - $1425
225 - $1425
250 - $1425
275 - $1625
300 - $1625



Specialty Cocktails $1.00 - $1.75 per cocktail. Includes 2 specialty cocktails.
(We will provide fresh juiced mixers tailored to each specific cocktail + the garnish for the cocktail.)
Fruit Garnishes Package $125 - This package is interchangeable for clients who wish to have
more of one garnish or substitute out one completely for something else of the same quantity.
(50) Lemon wedges
(125) Lime wedges
(50) Oranges
(Large container) Maraschino Cherries
(Large container) Olives
Cups - 300 count of 9 oz. clear plastic cups $35
Straws- 300 count of biodegradable vegetable fiber straws $25
Napkins- 300 count black cocktail napkins $10

Gratuity will be added to every package at 20%, in addition to tip jar setup on the bar as well.

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